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The following is an overview of MARR's goals. For a more detailed report, you can download our "Strategic Plan" file.


The Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers (MARR) members at two separate meetings in October and November of 2001 developed the following Strategy Plan, as compiled by earthbound environmental.

The outline of the strategy included where MARR has come from, its current strengths and challenges, and three distinct areas in which strategic action is required. The following offers highlights of this plan.


The following values will permeate all of MARR’s operations and communications:

  • Unity
  • Cooperation
  • Commitment

    3. VISION

    MARR as an organization will:
  • Communicate clearly with all its stakeholders
  • Be aggressive in growing new members
  • Nurture relationships with all its stakeholders and associated bodies

    4. GOALS

    Improved Information Sharing:
    MARR will gather and distribute better information from and for its members, municipalities, MPSC, and the Province of MB.

    Improved Marketing
    MARR will seek to enhance the recyclable material markets.

    Stronger Relationships with Stakeholders (Members, MPSC, Prov. of MB, Municipalities)
    MARR will develop stronger beneficial relationships with its stakeholders in order to strengthen MARR’s negotiating/advocacy abilities and to strengthen each individual MARR member’s organization.

    Cost-efficiency Measures
    MARR will aid its members to become more cost-efficient recyclers.