Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers (MARR) is an incorporated, non-profit, member-based association comprised of a network of individuals, groups and municipal representatives involved in the planning, delivery and management of community-based waste reduction, reuse, recycling and management activities in Manitoba.

The Association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected from the membership each year.


Vision and Mission

MARR’s underlying vision is to maximize waste diversion and recycling and to develop more sustainable and responsible waste management practices in communities in all regions of the province of Manitoba.

As an association we contribute to this goal by…

  1. Supporting networking and information sharing among participants of Manitoba’s recycling and sustainable waste management community.
  2. Providing the opportunity for our members and participants within Manitoba’s recycling and sustainable waste management community to develop a stronger, more unified voice in support of the ultimate goal.
  3. Focusing our efforts first on addressing the categories of waste that are CURRENTLY recyclable/divertible, with the long-term objective of expanding to encourage more sustainable management of all resources and waste materials affecting Manitoba communities.


Current (2017-2022) Strategic Priorities

  • Increase efforts to promote MARR and grow membership
  • Continue to develop and strengthen the governance and operational capacity of the Association
  • Review and diversify our revenue opportunities
  • Improve website and online services and social media presence
  • Increase activity/effort in serving needs of northern Manitoba and FN/northern communities
  • Update the name of the Association to more accurately reflect our renewed vision, mission, membership and our updated By-Laws and Constitution
  • Continue to articulate and evolve MARR’s role as advocate and voice for recycling, diversion and sustainable waste management efforts across the province.

*MARR is not seeking to be a “lobby” for any member or category of membership. Our role is to provide information and to facilitate connections between members and policy-makers where appropriate and consistent with the vision, purpose and Constitution/By-Laws of the Association.

MARR will be reviewing its overall strategic direction and re-establishing strategic priorities sometime in 2023. Our members, partners and associates will be consulted.