MARR is made up of individuals who are responsible for recycling and waste management in municipalities as well as industry partners involved in these processes. This is a collegial group who bring innovations in recycling and waste management and share with other members.


The following values will permeate all of MARR’s operations and communications:

Unity                   Cooperation                  Commitment


MARR as an organization will:

  • Communicate clearly with all its stakeholders
  • Be aggressive in growing new members
  • Nurture relationships with all its stakeholders and associated bodies


Improved Information Sharing:
MARR will gather and distribute better information from and for its members, municipalities, MPSC, and the Province of MB.

Improved Marketing
MARR will seek to enhance the recyclable material markets.

Stronger Relationships with Stakeholders (Members, MPSC, Prov. of MB, Municipalities)
MARR will develop stronger beneficial relationships with its stakeholders in order to strengthen MARR’s negotiating/advocacy abilities and to strengthen each individual MARR member’s organization.

Cost-efficiency Measures
MARR will aid its members to become more cost-efficient recyclers.