Proceedings – 2022 Manitoba Recycling & Waste Reduction Forum

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Setting the Context for Today – Emerging Issues, Trends and Important Updates in the world of Recycling and Waste Management
Presenter: Mike Fernandes, StrategyMakers Consulting
>> Mike Fernandes – Opening Remarks, Emerging Issues, Updates

Update on Canada’s Plastics Strategy
Presenter: Environment & Climate Change Canada
>> Michael Hawko, ECCC – Update on Canada’s Plastic Strategy

Session A1
Controlling What You Can – Town of Banff’s “Waste Diversion Targets and Tactics” Framework
Presenter: Carla Bitz, Town of Banff
>> Carla Bitz – Town of Banff’s Waste Diversion Targets and Tactics

Session B1
Gerdau Wants Your Old Vehicles, Appliances and Scrap Metal
Presenter: Gerdau Manitoba Steel Mill
>> Gerdau – Gerdau Wants Your Old Vehicles, Appliances and Scrap Metal

Fire Avoidance and Emergency Management – Difficult Realities & Lessons Learned
Panelists: Christine Major (Portage & District Recycling), Loni Derksen (Gateway Resources), Brent Kletke (SWAMP), Eldon Wallman (Steinbach)

Special Guest: Honourable Jeff Wharton, Minister of Environment, Climate & Parks

Information on upcoming PRO Program Plan Consultations and Renewals Process
– Update on Used Medication and Medical Sharps programs (Delphine Lagourgue, HPSA)
>> Delphine Lagourgue – Update on Used Medication and Medical Sharps Programs

Session A2
Diverting Construction, Renovation & Demolition Waste
Presenter: Peter Duck, Bow Valley Waste Commission
>> Peter Duck – Diverting Construction, Renovation and Demolition Waste

Session B2
It can be done! Running a Small Scale Residential Green Bin Compost Collection Program
Presenters: Karrie Blackburn and Amanda Wolfe, Compost Winnipeg
>> Karrie Blackburn – Compost Winnipeg

Session A3
Clean(er) farms! New Collection Sites, New Materials and Other Important Updates to Manitoba’s agricultural products program
Presenter: Kim Timmer, Cleanfarms
>> Kim Timmer – Cleaner farms! Updates to Cleanfarms programs

Session B3
Updates to the Manitoba HHW EPR Program
Presenter: Richard Hodges, Product Care Association
>> Richard Hodges – Updates to Manitoba HHW program

Moving Towards a More Circular Economy – The Role of Communities and Recyclers
Presenters: Tanis Ostermann, CanSustain; Christina Seidel, Circular Cities & Regions Initiative
>> Tanis Ostermann – Circular Economy Information for Manitoba Recyclers and Communities

>> Christina Seidel – Circular Cities and Regions Initiative


Is Recycling Contaminated? Engaging Community and Maintaining Trust in 4Rs/Recycling through Transparency & Authentic Storytelling
Presenter/Moderator: Mike Fernandes, StrategyMakers Consulting