Proceedings – 2021 MARR Forum

“The Future of Recycling and Waste Diversion within a Circular Economy Framework”
Presenter: Mike Fernandes, StrategyMakers Consulting Inc. [link to slides: 1 – Mike Fernandes – Intro to Circular Economy]

Manitoba Waste Diversion and Recycling Framework Review – Outcomes, Consultant Recommendations & Next Steps
Presenters: Jessica Jaques and Jennifer Chambers, Manitoba Conservation & Climate [link to slides: 2-JenChambers-MBRecyclingFramework]

Green For Life Winnipeg Material Recovery Facility & Manitoba Operations
Presenter: Steven Heard, GFL [link to slides: A1-Steven_Heard-GFL_Presentation.pdf]

Basic Training – Planning/Operating an Efficient, Effective Recycling & Waste Diversion Site in Manitoba
Presenters: Art Goudy, RM Rockwood; Brent Kletke, SWAMP) presented verbally, no slides

Cardboard (and paper packaging) Recycling: Issues, Opportunities, Trends, Markets
Presenters: Brian Morton, Cascades Recovery; Karen Melnychuk, MMSM presented verbally, no slides

Mother Earth Recycling – Putting Circular Economy into Action for People, Planet and Prosperity
Presenter: Jessica Floresco, Mother Earth Recycling

Update on Canada’s proposed strategy for addressing plastic waste and pollution
Presenter: Tracey Spack, Environment and Climate Change Canada [link to slides: 3b – TSpack-TowardsZeroPlasticWasteCanada

Creating Value from Plastic Recyclables
Presenter: Arjun Krishna, EFS Plastics [link to slides: 3a – ArjunKrishna-EFS_plastics.pdf]

City of Winnipeg’s Integrated Street Sweepings, Wood Chipping and Biosolids Soil Fabrication Operation
Presenter: Chris Kozak, City of Winnipeg [link to slides: A3-ChrisKozak-Winnipeg-MARR_2021_Summit_Soil.pdf]

Load Planning & Winter Road Backhaul Workshop for Remote Northern Communities – part 1 and 2
Presenter/host: Randy Webber – this session applied only to winter road communities invited

Organic Waste + Composting = Nutrient Rich Soil – A Circular Economy Communities can Control
Presenter: Susan Antler, Compost Council of Canada slides pending

Recycling Fridges, Freezers, Washers, Dryers and other Large Appliances
Presenter: Mark Miller, MOPIA and slides pending

Gerdau Manitoba – Sustainability of Steel
Presenter: Jason Teerhuis, Gerdau Manitoba [link to slides: B5 – Jason Teerhuis-Gerdau]

Cleanfarms – Update on Agricultural Plastics programs in Manitoba
Presenter: Kim Timmer, Cleanfarms [link to slides: Kim Timmer – Cleanfarms_ForumReplayWebinar]

Recycle My Cell Summary
Presented by Mike Fernandes on behalf of Recycle My Cell [link to slides: RecycleMyCell – RMC Tradeshow Presentation]